Bono – The Complete Solo Project of Bono

CD 1
01. In A Lifetime
02. Hallelujah
03. Billy Boola
04. Save The Children
05. Silver And Gold
06. Let The Good Times Roll
07. Tomorrow
08. In The Name Of The Father
09. Can’t Help Falling In Love
10. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
11. Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad
12. One
13. Give Me Back My Job

CD 2
01. Sweet Fire Of Love
02. Perfect Day (Male Version)
03. Slow Dancing
04. One
05. Miss Sarajev
o6. Dreaming With The Tears In My Eyes
07. Jesus Christ
08. I’m Not Your Baby
09. Testimony (With Robbie Robertson)
10. Do They Know It’s Christmas?
11. Purple Heart
12. Always Forever Now
13. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
14. Elvis Ate America
15. Slug
16. Your Blue Room

CD 3
01. Drowning Man (Madelyn Iris com Bono)
02. Staring At The Sun (live from Rotterdam 12.08.97)
03. Lean On Me (Kirk Franklin com Bono)
04. Re-Wired (Jeep Grrlz Wise Ass Remix)
05. Mothers Of The Disappeared (acapella)
06. One (acoustic from NetAid 19.10.99)
07. Mothers Of The Disappeared (Crayon Remix)
08. New Day (Bono & Wyclef Jean from NetAid 19.10.99)
09. Don’t Take The Guns To Town (Johnny Cash Tribute)
10. Miami (with Allen Ginsberg)
11. All I Want Is You (live Omagh tribute 11.11.98)
12. North And South Of The River (live Omagh tribute 11.11.98)
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday (acoustic Kosovo 23.09.97)
14. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (all web demos)
15. The Mother Of God (by William Butler Yeatts)
16. Mothers Of The Disappeared (lyrics read in Spanish)
17. Interview with Bono from NetAid

CD 4
01. One
02. New day
03. All i want is you
04. The ground beneath her feet
05. Sweet Jane
06. Wild irish rose
07. Slide away
08. Mocean Worker
09. She`s a mystery to me
10. Springhill minning disaster
11. Just ask
12. Never let me go

CD 5
01. What is Going On (Bono and Chris Martin)
02. Falling at Your Feet (Bono and Daniel Lanois)
03. L’Incontro (Bono and Andrea Bocelli)
04. Stay (Bono and Craig Armstrong)
05. Jump Start
06. One
07. Children of the Revolution (Bono and Gavin Friday)
08. Joy (Bono and Mick Jagger)
09. Beat on the Brat
10. The Hands that Built America
11. Ave Maria
12. If You Wear that Velvet Dress (Bono and Jools Holland)
13. American Prayer (Bono and the Wheaton College Choir)
14. Summer Wine (Bono and The Corrs)
15. When the Stars Go Blue (Bono and The Corrs)
16. Stuck in a Moment (Bono and The Edge)
17. Misere (Bono and Pavorotti)


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