App Backup & Restore v3.2.3 Ad free (Android)

App Backup & Restore Ad free Apk download for Android and it is used to backup and restore apps for Android. You can save space of your phone by backup and remove some apps that are not frequently used.
Key Features:

  • Backup apps to SD Card
  • Send app between devices via WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Batch backup
  • Backup market link for protected apps
  • Restore apps from SD Card
  • Batch restore
  • Quick uninstalling
  • Sort apps by name, install date, size
  • Auto backup on install
  • Multi version backup
  • Search app from Google Market
  • Send apk file by email
  • Share market link
  • Support App 2 SD
  • App Manager

What’s New in v3.2.3 Apk

  • Fix FC bugs
  • New view pager indicator lib
  • Build with latest SDK Version

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